Posted by: Jonathan Parsons | Sun, 16-Aug-2009

Google Voice

Google VoiceGoogle Voice, formerly called GrandCentral, is a free phone service from Google.  The basic idea is that you choose a local US lifetime number which forwards calls to your phones (home, work, mobile, computer, and more) automatically.  It is currently in an invitation only roll out, so you have to request an invitation and then wait for an email from Google to sign up.

Some neat features:

  • Forward all calls to voicemail (voicemails are delivered via email or SMS)
  • Make calls for free to US numbers (calls your phone and then the other persons phone)
  • Send SMSs for free to US numbers
  • Temporary forwarding to a hotel room or other temporary number
  • Press * to switch phones without loosing the call
  • Forwards to phones in other area codes, giving you a local number even if your real number is in another area code
  • You can create a separate number that only goes to voicemail for use when buying things online
  • You can setup a number for a “duty officer” and forward it to the on-call person of the week

Sign up for Google Voice now (requires requesting an inviation)

Read more about how to use this along with Project Gizmo (which gives you a free phone number on your computer) at Gizmo Voice



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